Monday, November 14, 2011

Race to 2,000 - Referral Contest Update

I just wanted to give everyone who is participating in the referral contest a quick update.  Sorry this is the first one I've done.

First place (10 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Brenda Rawlings - 65 Referrals

Second place (3 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Angela Scalise Tarnowski - 53 Referrals

Third place (2 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Chelsea Collins - 31 Referrals

One free pattern of choice:

            Mandi Yelland - 23 Referrals

Entered in for drawing of one free pattern of choice:

             Nobody yet

Other participants:

              Rachel Mitchell - 7 Referrals
              Saundra Allen - 6 Referrals
              Cordell Rylie Hansen - 6 Referrals
              Kimberly Lundin - 4 Referrals
              Kae Robinson - 1 Referral
              Bubs 'N Beans Crafts - 1 Referral

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