Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Race to 2,000 - Referral Contest Update

Here is a second update on the referral contest.  We have less than 100 fans to go, so now is the time to get those last few people over to the page!

First place (10 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Brenda Rawlings - 73 Referrals

Second place (3 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Angela Scalise Tarnowski - 57 Referrals

Third place (2 free patterns of choice) so far:

           Chelsea Collins - 32 Referrals

One free pattern of choice:

            Mandi Yelland - 23 Referrals

Entered in for drawing of one free pattern of choice:

             Nobody yet

Other participants:

              Rachel Mitchell - 7 Referrals
              Saundra Allen - 7 Referrals
              Cordell Rylie Hansen - 6 Referrals
              Kimberly Lundin - 4 Referrals
              Kae Robinson - 1 Referral
              Bubs 'N Beans Crafts - 1 Referral

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